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“This gives you the insight that the application is submitted and you can call the client before the new plan ever goes into effect because you're still the agent of record.

Our partnership with MediZues is huge for our agents and agencies that use GoGuru and work with us as an FMO.”

Justin BrockPresident, Bobby Brock Insurance & Founder, MedicareCon

“My agent was telling me about this brand new program that had been developed and I thought it was the most genius thing ever because it shows you what's really going on with your book before anything actually happens.

I am so excited for this technology to be available! I know so many agents who have been just wishing that this industry would evolve and MediZues came with the evolution, it's genius!”

Joanna WyckoffOwner, Top Flight Agency & Founder, Medicare Mentors Media

“I'm a MediZues member, and AEP is coming to an end, I can log into the system and it will be able to tell me all of our members here at CBIS that might be falling off the books. They're still our members so we can still compliantly contact them.

We can reach out, talk to them, problem solve with them, try to save the application which is huge... absolutely huge. I mean that's a game changer!”

Christian BrindleFounder, 7-Figure Medicare Agent & Partner, Integrity Marketing Group

“I've been in the Medicare space for 20 years. It's no fun to find out that you're getting charged back on your MA plans.

We've saved 8 clients so far this AEP.”

Tony MerwinExecutive Marketing Director, Precision Senior Marketing

“This is game changing. If you're getting replaced out there, which all of us do, you don't find out until months later. And it's non-compliant to reach out at that point.

This changes everything.”

David DufordOwner, Duford Insurance Group

“It takes 3 saves per year for MediZues to pay for itself and this AEP I've saved 12.

This has been a game changer for my personal production and for my team.”

Ethan GlidewellOwner, Medicare Millennials

“MediZues has been very helpful, we run several reports a week and have saved at least half a dozen apps per agent.”

Joe WahlAgency Owner & Founder of Insurance Toolkits

“MediZues is a super cool product that integrates with Agent CRM.”

Alex BranningPresident, Agent CRM

“In our business with medicare, we don't make quick money. We make long-term money.

A 3% increase in your retention makes a huge difference in your bottom line, and the LTV calculator will allow you to see that.”

Luis MorenoOwner, Moreno Insurance Agency