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June 5, 2024


Hello everyone,

Update for you regarding MediZues:

Good news: We solved the malfunction that came up last week.

More news: Last Friday May 31, our API access to CMS for 2025 came under review and it was paused for the time being. No warning, no prior communication. Shit happens, we’ll get through it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA on when this will resolved – however I’m confident that this pause is temporary and our access will resume in the next coming weeks. Reason being, there are carriers that this happened to on May 31 that are experiencing the same thing. Our use case has not changed since we were first granted access in 2023, and our compliance & security has been squeaky clean the entire time.

Fortunately, we’ve had the past 8 months to demonstrate that through MediZues, unwanted MA plan changes have decreased which has resulted in fewer complaints to Medicare and therefore less investigation costs incurred by the carriers.

Regarding billing, subscriptions, and free trials:

  • I paused everyone’s billing last Thursday May 30 when issue #1 arose. This means that the elapsed time has not counted towards your subscription.
  • All billing will remain paused until we get back to normal.
  • This is an inconvenience and I will make it up to you guys, so:
    • Monthly subscriptions: You’ll get an extra 2 weeks free once we’re back to normal.
    • Yearly subscriptions: You’ll gan an extra 1 month free once we’re back to normal.
  • If you recently started your paid subscription and want a refund, totally understandable. Just reply to this email stating such. But if you’re willing to hang on for a little bit, we’ll give you the extra time ^ above.
  • Free trialers: your free trial will be extended for the days that our service was down.

It’s been a helluva journey for MediZues so far and I appreciate those that have joined us along the way. Your support, feedback, and enthusiasm have meant the world to me and the team.

I look forward to restoring service back to normal and we are doing everything in our power to make that happen as soon as possible.

As always, reach out if you want to talk.


Evan MacGuffie