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Getting Started

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Verify your NPN

In order to use MediZues, your NPN must:

  • Be “Active”
  • Not contain any derogatory marks on your NIPR Detailed Report
  • Match the last name you entered during sign up

You will get an error message if any of the above are not true.


Export your CRM data as a .csv file.

For most CRMs this is done by highlighting all rows and then clicking the “Export” button. For specific instructions on how to do this, visit our Integrations page.


Make sure that your .csv file contains the column headers “MBI” and “DoB” and that the “DoB” column is formatted mm-dd-yyyy

Open your newly exported .csv file in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Edit the column header that contains your clients’ MBIs as “MBI” and make sure that the column header for your clients’ date of births is “DoB”.

Then reformat the DoB column as mm-dd-yyyy

(Remove all rows that don’t contain a MBI or DoB).

Then export the sheet as another .csv file!

See Integrations


Import into MediZues

Login to MediZues. On the upper right side you’ll see the button labeled “Import”. Click it and then upload your corrected .csv file.

Only your clients’ MBIs and dates of birth will be imported.

  • You may need to refresh the page in order for your imported data to populate



Check the top left box which will highlight all of your clients. Then click “Fetch Data”.

  • Note: Upon clicking the top left checkbox, all rows will be highlighted automatically. If you then scroll down past your first 100 rows, MediZues will uncheck the remaining rows. So, if you want to fetch all rows just click the top left checkbox and hit “Fetch Data”!

MediZues will run a BEQ for each client and will return the data in real-time.

Now you’ll be able to see:

  • If your client has signed up for a new plan
  • The contract number and name of the new plan
  • When the new plan will become effective
  • Your clients’ name and address on file with CMS
  • Your clients’ LIS level and copayment percentage
  • Your clients’ medicaid indicator