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Dear FMO,


Persistency is everything.



Your Bottom Line

Agencies get extra perks

Account Executive

A dedicated direct point of contact for you available M-F 9-5pm. All Account Executives are former medicare agents with extensive field experience.

Onboarding Support

First-in-queue support for getting your agents set up with MediZues and integrating with their CRMs.

Retention Training

Understand how to get the most out of MediZues.

  • Best-use practices
  • Intricate SEP training

“It takes 3 saves per year for MediZues to pay for itself and just the other day it saved me 6! 6 in one month.

This has been a game changer for my personal production and for my team.”

Ethan GlidewellOwner, Medicare Millennials

2 Ways to Onboard

Your agency pays for MediZues

To do:

  1. Subscribe, adjust quantity to match the number of seats you want to purchase
  2. Your Account Executive will ask for a list of the agents that will occupy your purchased seats. Agents will be identified by email.
  3. Each agent signs up for Pro and will not be asked for payment!

Agency Agreement

The agency is free to adjust its seat quantity via the Agency billing portal, with the flexibility to either increase or decrease as needed. If the agency intends to reduce its number of seats, it must notify its MediZues Account Executive in writing either before or within 48 hours after the reduction, stating which agents are to be removed.

If no written notice is provided within the 48-hour window, the coupon privileges for the most recent agents to have used it will be retracted, following a reverse chronological sequence.

In situations where the agency, for instance, purchases 23 seats but only 15 agents occupy them, the agency is not eligible for a full or partial refund.

The agents pay for MediZues

To do:

  1. Contact an Account Executive below to get your agency a Promo Code
  2. Your Promo Code (10-20% off, depending on agency size) is used by your agents after they purchase Pro
  3. Your agents get the normal 30-day free trial, plus the 10-20% monthly discount thereafter for life!

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